Parking costs 149 SEK for a full day or 40 SEK per started hour*.

Tip! Download the app Parkster, Easypark, or Apcoa Flow before your visit for easy payment on-site. Then search for Kolmården Wildlife Park.

If you want to prepay the parking fee before your visit:

You can prepay your parking fee for the Main Parking (at the main entrance) and the Monkey Parking (at the Monkey entrance) via this website before arrival. Prepayment of the parking fee is not required – if you do not prepay the fee, you can pay it after the visit.

Prepayment is recommended for those planning a full day in the park and arriving close to park opening. Prepayment does not guarantee a parking spot and is therefore not recommended if you plan to arrive later in the day.

If you want to pay the parking fee after the visit:

There are several payment options for those who want to pay the parking fee after the visit. Choose the option that is most convenient for you.

At the Main Parking and Monkey Parking, you can pay in the following ways:

  • via the website after you have exited the parking area after the visit.
  • via the app Parkster, Easypark, or Apcoa Flow upon arrival.
  • via card payment in our payment machines in the parking lot after the park visit.

If you have preset automatic billing, you do not need to start manually. Parking ends automatically when you exit. Caravans pay a separate fee.

The Wildlife Hotel parking is reserved for guests visiting the hotel. Pay attention to the signage.

*Service fees may apply when paying via app. Higher fees are charged in the evenings and nights when the park is closed.